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Coronavirus guidance for Bookbug Session Leaders

Advice for Bookbug Session Leaders on how to mitigate risk and manage Bookbug Sessions during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the delivery of face-to-face Bookbug Sessions. Scottish Book Trust is keen to support the return of these sessions and help Bookbug Session Leaders make the necessary arrangements for a safe and legal return in their venues.

Current circumstances mean that some fundamental changes need to be considered and library and other community spaces adapted in order to enable the safe return of face-to-face Bookbug Sessions. This guidance is intended to support the safe delivery of Bookbug Sessions if you are allowed to run them in your area. Please refer to the Scottish Government COVID-19 guidelines for your area at all times, along with the health and safety policies for your own organisation. In many cases it will not be possible to run in-person Bookbug Sessions at all.

We will continue to monitor national guidance and update information relating to Bookbug Sessions as and when required.

Scottish Government guidance

The Scottish Government COVID-19 guidlines(this will open in a new window) must be adhered to at all times. You should monitor guidance for your local area and ensure your knowledge is up to date.

Please start by checking the different tiers of COVID protection levels and find out what protection level your local authority is in(this will open in a new window). You may also find it useful to read the Scottish Goverrnment guidance on organised activity for children(this will open in a new window), which includes Bookbug Sessions.

It is your responsibility to find the appropriate guidance for your type of organisation and location e.g. library, early years setting, community venue.

Library sessions

Staff planning Bookbug Sessions that will take place within library venues should also adhere to library guidance around group activity(this will open in a new window) from Scottish Libraries and Information Council as well as their own library service’s coronavirus health and safety policies.

Non-library sessions

Bookbug Sessions in other community venues must be part of an organisation (e.g. not operating alone or freelance) and should adhere to their organisation’s coronavirus health and safety guidance and relevant policies for their sector.

Planning your Bookbug Session

If the Scottish Government guidance and tier system allow you to hold Bookbug Sessions in your local authority, you can follow this advice to ensure Sessions are as safe as possible for session leaders and families.

A suitable indoor space

Maintaining ventilation

A suitable outdoor space

Planning and promotion

During your Bookbug Sessions

Singing in a Bookbug Session

Key messages for parents

After your Bookbug Sessions

Further support from Scottish Book Trust

We run an online Bookbug Session on Facebook Live(this will open in a new window) every Friday at 10am. Families can watch this for free, which may be useful if they cannot access face-to-face sessions.

We also offer a range of resources to support you with delivering Bookbug Sessions more generally, including webinars and training(this will open in a new window), themed Bookbug Session plans(this will open in a new window) and the Song and Rhyme library(this will open in a new window).

The Early Years team at Scottish Book Trust can be contacted at bookbug@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window)