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Bookbug shared practice events

Shared Practice event in Inveraray showing Bookbug practitioners dancing to a song or rhyme

A Bookbug shared practice event is an opportunity for local practitioners using Bookbug to come together for a half-day to share ideas and good practice and to make connections.

These events are open to everyone who includes Bookbug in their role, whether they gift the Bookbug bags, lead Bookbug Sessions, use Bookbug in family homes, or have attended a Bookbug training course in the past. Places at this event are funded by Scottish Book Trust and there is no cost for participants.

The event will include –

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Elgin, Wednesday 14 February 2024

What our attendees say

We asked our previous attendees to sum up the event in one word and they said:

We asked attendees to sum up the event in one word, they said: informative, inspiring, motivating, enjoyable, fun, useful, community, formative, togetherness, energised, fabulous, energizing, brilliant, solidarity, sharing, resources, insightful, friendly