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Bookbug webinar: Picking picture books for Bookbug Sessions

Learning type: Professional learning
Category: Talking and listening
Programme: Bookbug
Language: English
Age group: 0-2, 3-5
Audience: Professionals

Does your Cat Like to Hide in Boxes? Or maybe you like Doing the Animal Bop? In this webinar recording for Bookbug Session Leaders, find out what makes a good Bookbug Session book.

Our Early Years Trainers give advice, tips and support on choosing excellent books for your Bookbug Sessions, as well as leading you through a selection of their favourites.

So, jump on Farmer John's Tractor as We're Off to Find a Fairy.

Video Webinar: Picking Picture Books for Bookbug Sessions

Books are listed in the order they were mentioned during the webinar. (Spoiler alert: the answers to the quiz are at the end of this list.)

Picture books

Comforting and soothing books

Books that are also a song

Books with actions, sounds and repetition

Other Session book recommendations