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Beautiful books for babies

Genre: Art, Illustration, Nature
Age group: 0-2

It's never too early to introduce your baby to the wonderful world of books! From books with mirrors and flaps to rhyming stories to splash about with at bathtime, find your wee ones favourite in this selection of classic and new baby books.

Charlotte Archer Look, Touch, Learn: Sky

What can you see in the sky? There are lots of opportunities to look, touch and learn in this beautiful fold out board book that's ideal for tummy time. The colours of the illustrations have been chosen to help babies make sense of the images, making it a highly engaging book to share from the youngest of ages.

Allan Ahlberg Janet Ahlberg Each, Peach, Pear, Plum

See how many nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters you can spot in the pages of this classic picture book! Hearing your voice offers comfort to your baby, and they will particularly love tuning in to the rhyme and rhythm of this story as you cuddle up together. As your baby grows, you will be able to explore more of the detail on each page – particularly the final spread featuring all of the characters!

Melanie Mitchell Three Craws

The traditional Scots song is brought to life with humour and playfulness in this cheeky wee board book for babies. Books based on songs like this are so versatile; sing along to them at nap time or just before bed to help soothe your little one, or just simply read them and talk to your baby about what you see in the pictures.

Rob Jones Who’s Tickling Tilly?

This fold-out board book is perfect for tummy time with your baby. Tilly the dinosaur is being tickled, but who is the mysterious tickler? For such a wee book, there's lots to explore inside – and Tilly is a very long dinosaur! The adorable illustrations are brightly coloured with high contrasts, too, making for an engaging book that little ones will love to look at.

Eric Hill Where's Spot?

It’s dinner time and naughty Spot is missing. Where can he be? Spot’s mum sets out to search for him in all the usual places and comes across some other animal friends as she goes. This timeless lift-the-flap story featuring our favourite cheeky puppy has been enjoyed by families for over 40 years. It has a simple, repetitive structure, and bright, bold pictures to captivate even the youngest of babies.

Cocoretto Peekaboo! in the Ocean

Babies love a game of peekaboo. And even more so when they have an array of friendly sea creatures to play it with them! Lift the large flaps to find out who’s hiding beneath – is it creeping octopus or maybe swimming turtle? Bold, bright illustrations fill the page, making it easy for young eyes to focus on what they’re seeing, and the repetitive structure of the narrative will have wee ones hooked from the first page.

Nick Sharratt Sally Symes Yawn

Sean is very sleepy, but his yawn sets off a chain reaction until soon, everyone else is yawning too – including you! Whatever the title of this lovely board book might have you believe, it's full of joy and fun, and any yawns elicited are the aim. It has all the elements for a perfect bedtime story: gentle rhyming, some giggles, and big yawns!

Ladybird Baby Touch: Playbook

There’s so much to talk about together on every page of this interactive board book. It’s bursting with colours, textures, flaps and mirrors, ideal for babies starting to explore the world with their little hands. Dip in and out at times of play, practice some favourite animal noises, and even share a few rhymes together as you go. A real delight for the senses!

Lucy Cousins Swim with Little Fish

A colourful underwater adventure awaits your little one in this adorable bath book. Meet Little Fish and friends as you journey through the water – and get ready for a big wet kiss at the end! Simple rhyme and playful language help to bring the pages of this short book to life, and as your baby grows, this will be a great book for helping them get to grips with their colours.

Helen Oxenbury Tickle Tickle

An absolute classic, this is one of the first books to ever appear in the Bookbug Baby bag. Each page is full to bursting with babies and toddlers doing what they enjoy best: getting messy, splashing in the bath and enjoying a tickle! The gentle rhyme and steady rhythm of this simple book ensures it's one to be enjoyed again and again, especially at bedtime.

Fiona Watt That's Not My Turtle. . .

This is an adorable new entry into the award-winning That's Not My. . . board book series. There are some great touchy-feely elements designed for little hands to feel their way around, and bright pictures to marvel at. The repetitive pattern also helps to engage even the tiniest readers, making this a great addition to any baby's first library.

Ingela P Arrhenius Where's Baby Chick?

​A baby book with real style and beauty! Soft, felt flaps reveal baby animals hiding behind buckets, hay bales and even balls of wool. A retro colour palette and clever use of pattern keeps each spread looking fresh and modern - but perhaps best of all is the surprise mirror at the end! Mirrors are a sensory delight for very young babies. They help them explore their own face close up, as well as supporting their vision and social development.