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Bookbug for the Home training

We are currently open for applications for Bookbug for the Home training. Find the course details and information on training dates below.

This course is for practitioners and volunteers working in the community to support individual families. The training will enable them to enhance their family support work with songs, rhymes and stories. Bookbug for the Home is a flexible approach that can be used to support mums, dads and carers with sharing songs, rhymes and stories with their children (0-5 years old), particularly where they face barriers to participation due to their personal circumstances. The course provides all of the theoretical and practical knowledge, and resources they will need to deliver Bookbug activities while working one to one with a family, either in a family’s home or digitally. This course is aimed at practitioners and volunteers who do not have a lot of experience with sharing songs, rhymes and stories.

Our interactive training is a balance of practical exercises and researched-based theory about book sharing, music and child development.

Although delegates will participate in songs and rhymes in the group, delegates will not be asked to sing on their own.

Please note that this training course is not for those who wish to run Bookbug Sessions with groups of families. If you are interested in delivering Bookbug Sessions, please see our page on Bookbug Session Leader Training(this will open in a new window). If you are already a trained Bookbug Session Leader, we may not be able to offer you a place on this training course as our funding is limited and we may need to prioritise those who have received no previous training with Bookbug.

Course details

Course objectives

The course will offer a range of learning opportunities for delegates to:

Format & length

5 hours & 30 minutes, comprised of


Funded at no cost for participants

How to apply for Bookbug for the Home training

Due to high demand, spaces on our public Bookbug for the Home training is awarded through an application process.

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

This training course is aimed at family support workers, early years workers, social workers and social work assistants, members of health visiting teams, speech and language therapists, prison visitor centre staff and other family outreach workers, as well as volunteers who work in such capacities.

What are we looking for in your application?

Your application will be judged on:

Open for Applications

The online application form must be completed in one attempt so it is strongly recommended that the applicant prepares answers to all the questions before attempting to complete the online application form. You can download a copy of the questions below.(this will open in a new window)

This application should only be completed by the prospective delegate. If you awarded a place on a training course, this is not transferable to another member of staff - it is for the named person only.

Upcoming application periods in 2022

Round 4: For training courses taking place in February & March 2022

Training dates:

We are open for applications for round 4 on Monday 10 January 2022 at 10am until Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 12pm (EXTENDED DEADLINE).

Summer applications: For training courses taking place in May & June 2022

The exact training dates are to be confirmed. We will be open for applications on Monday 7 March 2022 until 10am until Monday 21 March 2022 at 9am.

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Past Training

Round 3: For training courses taking place in January & February 2022

Training dates:

We are now closed for applications for the above dates. If you have submitted an application, you will hear the result by 14 December 2021.

Accessing the online training session

Technical requirements

To attend this session you will need -

What to expect at an online training session

For our online training course, you need to have a device that connects to the internet with working audio, camera and microphone. The trainer and other delegates will be able to see you and speak with you directly and you will be able to directly participate. All attendees must be registered individually on the training course and participate on their on their own individual device. The number of people attending is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

Request an inhouse Bookbug for the Home training course

If you have between 6 and 8 eligible delegates in your organisation, you can email us(this will open in a new window) to request a fully funded inhouse Bookbug for the Home training course. We have a limited number of courses we can offer so we cannot guarantee your request will be successful. Training requests are reviewed in the last week of every month.

More training and information

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If you have any questions or you need additional support with the application process, please contact the Bookbug team at bookbugtraining@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window) or 0131 524 0179.