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Sprog Rock: How Do You Say Hello?

Song type: Actions, Active
Audience: Baby, Children, Families, Parents, Professionals, 3-5, 0-2
Topics: Bookbug

Sprog Rock have made a brilliant new song inspired by the theme for Bookbug Week: Bookbug Says Hello!

The making of How Do You Say Hello?

Sprog Rock chatted with lots of children and found out the different ways they say hello. They visited Buchlyvie Nursery in Easterhouse, where the entrance has a wall with buttons introducing how to say hello in a range of languages spoken by some of the families of the children at the nursery.

They did a lot of waving, dancing, playing and listening. The chorus for the song came out of conversation with a child, it came out as a fully formed lyric!

'My mum dances when she makes my food, that's why it always tastes so good.'

It had to be in the song.

After a few sessions playing with phones and dancing to lots of different music and using a green screen in the nursery, we worked with some of the rest of the band to pull together some of the ideas.

A sort of 1990s dance theme emerged which inspired our costume choices and our 90s music TV style.

Then we visited the Starcatchers Baby Studio in Wester Hailes to see what the response to our ideas were. We knew their Saturday sessions have families who speak lots of different languages. We set up a green screen and did a bit of filming for the video with our pals The Dab Hands. Our filmmaker Ben also went to visit some of his friends who were attending the Deaf club to see how they say hello.

We recorded the song in a studio and Ben worked his magic on the video and now we have this! IT'S BEEN SO MUCH FUN!

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