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Gifting Bookbug baby and toddler bags

Advice for Health Visiting teams on gifting the Bookbug Baby and Toddler Bags

Two women reading 'Say Hello Like This' from a Bookbug Bag to a young boy

Health Visiting teams are responsible for gifting the first two Bookbug bags: Bookbug Baby Bag (gifted at 3–5 weeks) and Bookbug Toddler Bag (gifted at 13–15 months) as specified in the Universal Health Visiting Pathway in Scotland.

Health Visiting teams also have a very important role in discussing the benefits of songs, stories and rhymes with mums, dads and carers when gifting the Bookbug Bags.

Please have a good look at what’s inside the Bookbug Bags and show them to parents before gifting them. The contents change every year.

Important messages to give to parents

It's important to talk to mums, dads and carers about the books and resources in their Bookbug Bag. They are more likely to use the bags if you do.

Please tell them:

Please talk about libraries and encourage families to:

Getting More Bags

To order more Bookbug Bags, request tactile books for any families you work with or if you have any questions about your local Bookbug programme, please get in touch with your local Bookbug Co-ordinator.

Families with additional support needs

For children and families with additional support needs, Bookbug can provide tactile books in addition to the four free Bookbug Bags. Request these from your local Bookbug Co-ordinator.

Gaelic Bookbug

Gaelic versions of the Bookbug Bags are available for interested families, and should be gifted alongside the English versions. Read more about the Gaelic bag or request these from your local Bookbug Co-ordinator.

Funded Bookbug training: Bookbug overview for health staff

We provide a 1-hour training session for health staff that offers an understanding of the Bookbug Programme and explores how they can use the universal, free Bookbug resources to support families to share songs, rhymes and stories from pregnancy onwards. This includes information and ideas to enhance the Bookbug Baby and Todder Bag gifting experience for families.

Visit the training page to find out more and to arrange a training session.(this will open in a new window)


Bookbug works in partnership with NHS Health Scotland and its book-based play@home programme. For further information on play@home, email nhs.HealthScotland-playathome@nhs.net(this will open in a new window).

Help for adults who struggle with literacy or numeracy

For adults who struggle with reading, writing or numbers, The Big Plus(this will open in a new window) can help. Help is free, and available across Scotland with local tutors. Call 0800 917 8000 or visit www.thebigplus.com(this will open in a new window).

Please note: The Bookbug Baby and Bookbug Toddler Bags have long handles, as they are intended for use by parents. Babies and young children should not be left unsupervised with them.

You can contact Scottish Book Trust’s Early Years team on 0131 524 0179 or email bookbug@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window).