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Online Bookbug Session: Teddy Bear's Picnic

Grab your blankets and teddies - it's time for a very special Teddy Bear's Picnic!

Audience: Families, 3-5, 0-2

Last updated: 13 April 2020

Hello, everyone! We're glad that you could come.

With all of our our Bookbug Sessions on hold for now, join in with our online Bookbug Session to keep stories, songs and rhymes alive at home! You can find most of the songs and rhymes below on Bookbug's songs and rhymes app too.

Do you love picnics as much as Bookbug? If so, grab a blanket or towel, a few favourite teddies and get ready for some tasty songs and rhymes. It's time for a Teddy Bear's Picnic!

Get started with

Songs and rhymes full of actions

Songs and rhymes to get you on your feet

Story time

More tasty songs and rhymes

Calming songs and rhymes to finish with

See you next Monday for a brand new online Bookbug Session!

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