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July 2019 winners

Our prompt for July 2019 was to write a story featuring the moon.

Congratulations to the winners of our July 2019 competition. Feeling inspired? Take a look at this month's prompt.

Adult winner

Nicole Janes

He was praying. Again.

Go home, she thought. I don’t care about your hopes and wishes.

Not since she had lost their faith, a long time ago, and with that her powers.

She disliked humans. They were unyielding.

Although… She could move tides. And humans were, after all, mostly water.

Gaelic winner

Seonaidh Adams

Tha i dèante, tha fhios, à càise. Gach mìos, thèid a criomadh le luchagan-fànais gus nach fhaicear ach corran de rùsg. Thig speuradairean. Tha cait-fànais nan cois. Gheibh iad cuidhteas na luchagan. Càirichidh iad a’ ghealach le càise ùr. Slàn a-rithist. Falbhaidh iad is tillidh na luchagan. Ri leantainn.

Translated by Gaelic Books Council

It is made, surely, out of cheese. Each month, it is nibbled by space-mice until only a crescent of rind can be seen. Astronauts arrive, accompanied by space-cats. They get rid of the mice. They mend the moon with new cheese. Whole again. They leave and the mice return. To be continued.

Young writers (12-18) category winner

Emily Payne, age 14

Our house on the moon is tiny, made of grey, silver stone. We drink silver moon tea. Every night we sit outside and stare at earth, wondering what Mum and Dad are doing without us.

“But that’s not true,” Anna points out.

“I thought you wanted a story,” I reply.

Young writers 5-11 category winner

Rosa Ross, age 9

Luna loves the moon then one day she found out that she had won a ticket to go to the moon. The next day she got onto the rocket for take off. Blast off! Everyone shouted. It was only then that Luna realised she had left her bag at home.