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April winners 2024 – adults

In our April competition, we asked for stories featuring a ticket.

Congratulations to the winners of our April competition.

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Adult writers winner

Laura M Pearson

“Right lads, I'm aff. Think I'll awa to the pub fir the fitba. Aw the best to ye.”

He shook hands with the five remaining men.

“You'll be glad fir some peace noo” said Rita.

“Nah” replied John, readjusting his oxygen tube, and leaning back, “he wis just the ticket.”

Gaelic writers winner

Ely Percy

Na Balaich Bowler

Choinnich Daibhidh agus Seonaidh nuair a bha iad a’ ceannach tiogaidean airson ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Bha ad bowler phinc ghleansaich aig Seonaidh.

Rinn Daibhidh gàire: “An toigh leat am film, ma-tha?”

“Ò, ’s toigh l’!”

Shuidh iad còmhla.

Bliadhna an dèidh sin bha adan bowler orra aig a’ bhanais aca.

Translation by The Gaelic Books Council

The Bowler Boys

Daibhidh and Seonaidh met when they were buying tickets for ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Seonaidh had a shiny pink bowler hat.

Daibhidh laughed: “Do you like the film, then?”

“Oh yes!”

They sat together.

A year later, they wore bowler hats at their wedding.