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May 2023 winners – young writers

In our May competition, we asked for stories featuring an apple.

An apple on a pile of books with a blackboard in the background

Congratulations to the winners of our May competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Young writers (12–18) winner

Clara Francis, age 12

When she got home, she cut the apple and saw a worm hiding inside. To her surprise it spoke. 'You have three wishes!' it said, then unfurled its wings.

'Since when did worms have wings?' she thought, and chucked the apple into a bin, hoping to never see that again.

Young writers (5–11) winner

Harvey Robinson, age 11

One cold winter night the crop was beginning to drop in numbers and rot however a single apple thrived in the cold and instead grew larger and ripened. The apple grew so large that day, that the entire farmhouse was coated in its skin and juice, and nothing could escape.