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February winners 2024 – adult writers

In our February competition, we asked for stories featuring hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate resting on a book surrounded by autumn leaves and a tartan blanket

Congratulations to the winners of our February competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Adult writers winner

Pauline McDonald

At Grandma's funeral, I was given the chance to lament her dying.

I told how I loved her and did anything to help.

She always enjoyed the hot chocolate nightcap made for her every evening.

How was I to know granny kept her sleeping pills in the artificial sweetener box?

Gaelic winner

Marie Christine Macaulay

Dè a tha dhìth air oidhche fhuar, reòthte le rionnagan a’ priobadh anns na speuran?

Teine mòr mònach.

Gabh fras teth, cuir ort na pyjamas bhlàth flannelette agad agus cuibhrig timcheall ort.

Sèithear mòr cofhurtail air beulaibh an teine le cupa de sheòclaid blasta teth.

Eil dad nas fheàrr?

Author's translation

What do you need on a cold, frosty night, with stars twinkling in the sky?

A big peat fire.

Take a hot shower, put on your warm, flannelette pyjamas and put a throw round you.

A large comfortable chair in front of the fire with a cup of delicious hot chocolate.

Is there anything to beat that?