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October 2023 winners – adults

In our October competition, we asked for stories featuring a black cat.

The silhouette of a black cat sitting on a branch, against the backdrop of a large orange moon in the night sky

Congratulations to the winners of our October competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt(this link will open in a new window).

Adult writers winner

Katherine Kinsey

And that was how the witch was found, lifeless and laying on the floor. Her skin scratched and torn away by small bite marks. Blood staining her hair and clothes. Her beloved black cat had been eating her corpse, and was now gleefully batting at her eyeball across the carpet.

Gaelic winner

Ceitidh Campbell

Bha a sùilean mar sgàthan a’ tilg faileas air d’ anam. Sàr-aithne air gach smaoin a bha riamh nad cheann. Dùdan gur sgur a’ comharrachadh an sàmhchas mì-shaorsainneil. Foighidneach, ciùin le sgeann domhainn gus an tig e gu slaodach às a’ phreas. Biadh – an adhbhar gu bheil feum aice ort.

Translation by the Gaelic Books Council:

Her eyes were a mirror throwing shade over your soul. Knowledge of each thought that was ever in your head. A never-ending drone highlighting the uneasy silence. Patient, calm, with a deep gaze until it slowly comes out of the cupboard. Food – the reason she needs you.