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December–January winners 2024 – young writers

In our December–January competition, we asked for stories featuring bells.

Gold bells rest among a pine tree and some sheet music

Congratulations to the winners of our December–January competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Young writers (12–18) winner

Ula Crossey, age 16

That winter we learned what betrayal meant;

Warning chimes scything through our exhilaration

While guards spilled into the woods like a ballad half heard over the gale.

We sank to the ground,

Our naked feet snow-bruised and bloody,

And cursed the bells.

Young writers (5–11) winner

Shakya Adithri Madapatha, age 7

Seefia was a poor explorer with a kind heart. One day she found a big sparkly bell covered with leaves, in the jungle. She pulled the string. DREEEEEING! out jumped a wizard wearing a bell on his head and granted Seefia a wish. Seefia is still a kind explorer but she is not poor any more!