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February 2019 winners

Our prompt for February 2019 was to write a story featuring a camera

A camera with some flowers in the focus screen

Congratulations to the winners of our February 2019 competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt(this will open in a new window).

Adult winner


It was the sound the shutter button made when pressed, that I remember. 

Not ‘click’ - more ‘zzzip’.  My childhood camera of the 80’s, taking tilted snaps of classmates and pets. 

You could feel the film auto-winding behind its door, which would ping open if jostled. 

Exposures flooded with rainbows.

Gaelic winner

Anne Macaulay

Thuig cuid dhiubh gura mise bu choireach, agus cha tigeadh iad nam ghaoth ri linn. Gu h-àraid esan. Am Baran. Von Richthofen fhèin. Ach fhuair mi e aig a’ cheann thall. Cliog. Gàire reòite agus anam glacte. Esan a’ tuiteam gu talamh; mise a’ sealg eun eile …

Translated by Gaelic Books Council

Some of them understood that I was to blame, and they wouldn’t come near me because of it. Especially him. The Baron. Von Richthofen himself. But I got him in the end. Click. A frozen smile and a trapped soul. He fell to the ground; I went to hunt another bird …

Young writers (12-18) category winner

Sophia Ricaurte, age 16

Another shooting. Screams of fear permeated the stadium. Sam ran onto the street and saw a mass of people on their phones filming the tragedy.

“Somebody, help me!” He cried. Blood ran down his face. Nobody looked up from their phones, too busy showing off their bravery. He died fifteen minutes later.

Young writers (5-11) category winner

Murdo MacLeod, age 9

Once there was a 9-year-old boy whose name was Murdo. One Christmas he got a camera with 3 buttons marked “Grw”, “Snk”, & “Rst”. He pressed the Snk button and before he knew, he was tiny, he pressed Grw, and he turned normal, but 2ft taller but then pressed Rst.