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April 2020 winners

Our prompt for April 2020 was to write a story featuring glasses

Congratulations to the winners of our April 2020 competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt. (this will open in a new window)

Adult winner

Isabel Palmer

Zoom yoga in glasses to see the screen. They fall off in dog, cat, puppy poses. I make it up like reading the bottom row on an eye-chart. I'm half-moon, half-frog, half Lord of the Fishes, sitting cow face, hero, until my favourite pose: Clark Kent without glasses, becoming Superman.

Gaelic winner

Iain MacRath/Iain Macrae


Bha Maighstir Dolan toilicht’ nach fhaiceadh duine e a' snàmh is a' gabhail na grèine. Glan-rùisgte. An dèidh greis, thill e gu chuid aodaich air a' mhachair. Cha robh air fhàgail ach càrn na cheò is paidhir speuclairean air a' mhullach. Bhiodh coiseachd gu math fada aige air ais dhan taigh-sgoile.

Translation by author


Mr Dolan was pleased that no-one could see him swimming and enjoying the sun. Naked. After a while, he returned to his clothes on the machair. All that remained was a smoking cairn with a pair of spectacles on top. He would have a long walk back to the school-house.

Young writers (12-18) winner

Emily Wilson, age 16


On glass lay your charted landscape.

Thin paths, twisting into winding whorls. Your glen. Weathered ridges following meandering riverbanks.

Legacy. Glass mounted. Edged in steel.

Though, you rub yourself away with hasty sleeves. Hooking upon your nose an empty frame.

Thinking, while gazing into a spotless world, 'Much better.'

Young writers (5-11) winner

Leon Brown, age 11

Do you know what glasses do

when they're not attached to you

do they Jump over hedges

ride some sledges

read a good book

maybe sometimes cook

do they sit and stare

jump over chairs

or when your asleep in your bed

do they dream of being on your head?