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October 2019 winners

Our prompt for October 2019 was to write a story featuring a suitcase

A pile of old suitcases

Congratulations to the winners of our October 2019 competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Adult winner

Oliver Cook

Containing myself

This suitcase carries the seeds of my new life.

Bound to my belongings are uncomfortable concessions to a journey I cannot know. Hope squeezes into the spaces pragmatism can’t fill.

Bound for a future still to be wrestled from the hurt.

Escape is first, unpacking will take longer.

Gaelic winner

Vivienne Goodman, age 11

‘Jill! Lìon do mhàileid a-nis. Tha sinn dol air saor-làithean dhan Spàinn.’

‘Tha mi, tha mi. Feumaidh mi mo dheise-snàimh, feumaidh mi m’ aodach. Tha cus rudan agam airson aon mhàileid! Ach cuiridh mis’ a h-uile rud anns a’ mhàileid seo. Tha e cho mòr ri ailbhean!’

Translation by the Gaelic Books Council

‘Jill! Fill your suitcase now. We’re going on holiday to Spain.’

‘I am, I am. I need my swimsuit, I need my clothes. I have too much for one suitcase! But I’ll put everything into this case. It’s as big as a house!’

Young writers (12-18) category winner

Eloïse Wexelstein, age 15

Midnight drive to the psychiatric ward

Throwing in things I thought he’d need, and things he definitely wouldn’t, I let my hands work over-time, instead of my head.

It wasn’t a visiting hour, but I went.

They took his bag and told me to go home.

They don’t understand that he is my home.

Young writers (5-11) category winner

Robert Hunter, age 11

The evil chef suitcase

Colin packed his suitcase for going to Madrid. Colin didn't pack anything but knives. When he got to the airport Colin's mate, who worked there, smuggled his suitcase onto the plane. When he got there, Colin got out two knives and cut up some carrots? He was actually a chef at The Botin restaurant.