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Books we’re looking forward to in 2024!

Genre: Adventure, Animals, Family, Nature
Age group: 0-2, 3-5, Children, Families
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Wondering which picture books to look out for this year? We've pulled together a list of the ones we think you and your little ones are going to love! Look out for them in your local libraries and bookshops in 2024.

Morag Hood Runaway Cone

Digger returns for a new adventure in this delightful sequel to Dig, Dig, Digger – only this time, one of Digger's friends, Gary the cone, has gone missing! Full of the fun and silliness of the first book, children will love seeing where the hunt for Gary takes Digger and her friends this time. Published in January 2024

Alea Marley Dean Atta Confetti

Ari finds confetti and celebration in many aspects of her life – whether it’s the confetti from her birthday parties, fireworks in the sky or the happiness she feels inside when her baby sister is born. This colourful, joyful picture book is a celebration of life moments, both little and big. Published in January 2024

Louise Lockhart Tummy Time: Farm

The first part in a brand new tummy time series, this adorable fold-out concertina book makes for a perfect way to spend time with your little ones. With lovely, bright illustrations of friendly farm animals, we think it’s a great board book to add to your bookshelves this year. Published in February 2024

Åsa Gilland Emily Joof Halima, Superhero Princess

Halima is so excited to go to her friend’s superhero princess party! That is, until she’s told she doesn’t have the right hair or look to dress up in the costume she wants to. With a little help from mum, Halima discovers she can be whoever she wants to be. This is an empowering picture book which will help little ones to discover their own inner superheroes. Published in March 2024

Fiona Lumbers Joseph Coelho Luna Loves Gardening

Luna and her dad join Luna’s grandparents at their local community garden – and she quickly falls in love with all the nature and wildlife they find there! This is a lovely new entry into the Luna series, which is positively bursting with colour. Published in March 2024

Clive McFarland Lily Murray The Ballad of Cactus Joe

Cactus Joe is a lean ‘n’ mean prickle machine, and he's used to a more lonesome life – he even has a lonesome song (which wee ones will love to invent a tune for!). But one day, when a woodpecker asks if he can perch on Cactus Joe, it has a bit of a domino effect, and he’s left wondering whether the lonesome life is really for him. Children will love the repetition and hilarity in this fun new picture book. Published in April 2024

Ken Wilson-Max Aqua Boy

Aaron and his family live by the ocean, and he loves it. But the only thing he hasn’t been able to do yet is swim underwater – that is until one day, with the help of an octopus, he finally conquers his fears. Ken Wilson-Max's beautifully illustrated new picture book teaches little ones that you can overcome fear and find friendships in ways you’d least expect. Published in April 2024

Grace Habib Suki Cat: Astronaut

Suki cat is off on an adventure – today she’s an astronaut! Brilliant chunky sliders guarantee hours of fun for little ones as Suki jets off into space and saves an alien. Look out for more Suki Cat escapades coming later in the year. Published in August 2024