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Resources for writers and freelancers affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Practical resources, funding information and tips for writers and freelancers who continue to be affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Last updated: 03 May 2024

Funding and finance information

Royal Literary Fund

Published authors can also apply to the Royal Literary Fund if they are experiencing financial hardship.

(this link will open in a new window)Royal Literary Fund

Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland has created Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development with a focus on supporting creative projects and individuals.

(this link will open in a new window)Open Fund

Scottish Welfare Grant – Crisis Fund

Freelancers, writers and anyone who finds themselves in difficulties may wish to find out more about the Crisis Fund.

(this link will open in a new window)Crisis Fund

Universal Credit

Anyone who has suffered from a loss of income or who is uncertain about how they will pay their bills may be eligible for Universal Credit.

(this link will open in a new window)Universal Credit

Disability Arts Online Commissions

A new commissions pot for disabled artists who are being impacted by the loss of income caused by Covid-19.

(this link will open in a new window)Disability Arts online commissions

Mental health and wellbeing

NHS: Look after your mental health at home

Staying at home and away from loved ones and colleagues can be tough, the NHS have released some advice to help you take care of your mind as well as your body.

(this link will open in a new window)NHS mental health and wellbeing

Self-care tips for writers and freelancers

We asked Laura Jones of 404 Ink to share some of her tips for looking after yourself as a freelancer and we think her advice is useful for many people who’re now unexpectedly working from home.

Self-care tips

Yoga for writers

We’re fans of all sorts of ways to stay active as writers and Adriene is one of our favourite online yoga instructors. This short video is specifically for writers but there are many more.

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Sharing books, writing and reading online

Host a virtual book launch

If you’re launching a book and wondering how to spread the news from the comfort of your own home, check out our tips for hosting an online book launch.

Host a virtual book launch

5 ways to ignite writing inspiration at home

Staying creative is tough even at the best of times. We've put together some tips for tapping into your inspiration even when you're isolating or spending more time at home than normal.

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Find writing opportunities

We regularly scour the web for opportunities for writers at various stages of their career.

Opportunities for writers

Find online workshops

Many writing workshops are online as well as in person. We've collected and listed a selection to get you started.

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