Opportunities for writers

There are lots of opportunities for writers in Scotland. We've collected and listed the current crop below.

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We curate this list but don't run the opportunities listed. Want to share one with us? Email andrew.blair@scottishbooktrust.com (this will open in a new window)

You might also want to look into our support programmes for writers; the New Writers Award, Ignite Fellowship and the Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship. If you're under 18, why not check out What's Your Story?


The Ian Bell New Writing Award

Product Magazine: Mentoring for new writers

Free Mentoring Session for LGBTQ+ Writer

Science Fiction opportunity


The Katharine Stewart Award

Call for submissions: Nobrow Press Short Story Competition

Call for submissions: The Janet Coats Memorial Prize

Call for submissions: Postbox Magazine

Call for submissions: ૧૦:૧૦ Press

January 2020

Write Mentor: Writing for children workshop

The Gollancz and Rivers of London BAME SFF Award

Call for submissions: Bad Betty Press

Call for submissions: Lies, Dreaming

February 2020

Life Writing Prize

Ongoing Opportunities


The John Byrne award

The Zooker award

Call for Submissions

Æther & Ichor

Clover and White

The Dark Horse

Glasgow Review of Books


Little Stone Journal

Loss Lit

The New Shetlander

Nosy Crow: Call for debut BAME writers

Ó Bhéal: Five Words Poetry Competition

Poetry London

Product Magazine

Rattle: Ekphrastic Challenge

Rattle: Poets Respond

The Selkie


Shoreline of Infinity

Stories from the OCD Community

Thi Wurd

The Weekend Read