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Live Literature conditions of funding

The programme

Live Literature is a national programme of events, funded by Creative Scotland, connecting authors and communities across Scotland. Authors are paid a fee plus expenses (within set guidelines) per session.

Scottish Book Trust hosts a directory of hundreds of writers, poets, storytellers, playwrights, screenwriters, illustrators, graphic novelists and spoken word artists who meet set criteria. These authors and creators carry out Live Literature events.

Scottish Book Trust hosts the directory on its website and distributes funding for events each year.

As the named contact on a Live Literature application made to Scottish Book Trust, I confirm that I have read and can agree to the following conditions on behalf of my organisation.

A. Background

B. Expected standards of behaviour

a. an organisation's activities present a risk of future harm to audiences or authors

b. an organisation's activities are likely to damage the reputation of Scottish Book Trust or the Live Literature Programme.

C. Safeguarding and child protection

D. Social media

We really appreciate your support in spreading the power and joy of books, reading and writing, and we hope you will enjoy delivering events through Live Literature.

Please be aware that our Code of Conduct applies to both online and offline behaviour. More details are included in our social media guidelines. You can also review our digital child protection policy for additional guidance.

E. Free events

Live Literature exists to bring authors into communities across Scotland and to advocate for authors to be paid for the work that they do. It is contrary to the aims of the programme to underpay authors or seek free events from authors in a way that undermines these aims. Where Scottish Book Trust is aware of this, it will be taken into account when prioritising applications at the funding panel. For more about free events, see our guidance page.(this link will open in a new window)

F. Session responsibilities

We expect that you will:

G. Expenses and payment

Authors can claim expenses for travel, accommodation and subsistence within our guidelines.(this link will open in a new window) Fees are paid within 30 days of Scottish Book Trust receiving the author’s claim form. You can read an outline of our payment process.

Where in-person activity is taking place, this should always be discussed with the author in advance to ensure the safety of all participants. While we will cover reasonable travel and accommodation costs, we encourage all organisations to adhere to local guidance around social distancing and in-person events. Please note that if an author is travelling between local authorities there may be different rules in place. Only proceed with in-person events if it is safe to do so and in adherence with the latest official advice.

It is your responsibility to provide a claim form to the author with the first half filled out; it is the author’s responsibility to submit the claim form. Please let us know if you have any difficulties.

H. Process for investigating misconduct

The vast majority of Live Literature events are a positive, rewarding experience for the author, the organisation and the audience. Where problems arise, Scottish Book Trust will do its best to resolve issues between organisations and authors. We may ask to see emails or other written communication about the event.

Scottish Book Trust will look into all reports of misconduct and involve both the host organisation and the author as appropriate. The full process is detailed in our code of conduct.

You agree to meet these conditions as part of submitting your Live Literature application. You understand that if you cannot meet these conditions, any application you make at the next two deadlines will not be prioritised.

If you cannot meet the above conditions, please contact Scottish Book Trust as soon as possible, and before booking any authors.

Alan Lynch

Writing Communities Co-ordinator (Live Literature) live.literature@scottishbooktrust.com(this link will open in a new window)

0131 524 0160

Scottish Book Trust, Sandeman House, Trunk’s Close, 55 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR