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Live Literature invoicing and expenses

An essential breakdown of invoice and expenses information for Live Literature funded authors.

Author fees

Authors listed on the directory who take part in Live Literature funded events are paid:

How organisations pay for Live Literature sessions

Sessions granted outside of May 2021 - March 2022 are part funded. For these, Scottish Book Trust invoices organisations for part of the author's fee after the event has taken place. It will cost:

If your session was granted between May 2021 - March 2022 it will be fully funded and no invoice will be sent.

Payment process

Claiming author expenses

To make sure authors and communities can connect from all over Scotland, we pay travel and accommodation expenses for Live Literature events.


We will cover travel expenses (including flights, where necessary) with the exception of luxury travel. We try to support as many authors as possible within our budget so cannot provide first class fares.


Sometimes it is not possible to get to your event and back in the same day. If you are staying overnight, we will reimburse accommodation costs up to £80 per overnight stay. We need to see a receipt or booking confirmation from your hotel. If you cannot find a hotel for £80 or under within a reasonable distance of your event, let us know before booking.


We reimburse refreshments up to £25 per overnight stay or up to £10 if you do not stay overnight. We need to see a receipt for your purchases. This is separate to your accommodation costs; for example, an overnight stay can be reimbursed to a maximum level of £75 for subsistence and accommodation.