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Social Media Guidelines

This guide is for Scottish Book Trust awardees, authors on our Live Literature directory, our partners and anyone else who affiliated with us through their work.

As a charity, we are very active across social media, with a community of over 200k followers. The content we share and our interactions across our social channels play a vital role in engaging with our audiences, sharing news and opportunities. Our aim is to create a positive, professional and respectful environment across our channels.

We look forward to connecting with you online – you can find a full list of our social channels at the bottom of this page.

Firstly, please take the time to read and familiarise yourself with these guidelines which have been created to help you get the best out of social media and also to avoid situations that may cause harm to your or our reputation. There are some important parameters you should be aware of, in line with our Code of Conduct.

Our Social Channels

Scottish Book Trust is active on several social media platforms as Scottish Book Trust, Bookbug, First Minister's Reading Challenge and Book Week Scotland. Here is a full list of all our channels:






Let's Connect

Thank you for reading our guidelines. We look forward to connecting with you on social media and helping to share your content and news. If you'd like to contact us or have an update that you think our network would like to hear about, please email our Digital Marketing Manager.