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Applying for Live Literature funding

Live Literature brings reading and writing to the heart of communities by funding author events for organisations across Scotland

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Applications are now open for Live Literature events taking place before 31 March 2022. There will be opportunities to apply at different stages throughout the year, with dates provided below.

Fully funded author events in 2021

Live Literature brings reading and writing to the heart of communities, by funding author events for organisations across Scotland.

The Live Literature model offers funding, as well as the cost of any travel, food and accommodation expenses for authors.

We're offering fully funded events during the current period to support organisations facing increased challenges. This funding will be offered at different stages throughout the year, meaning that organisations can be flexible and apply only when they are confident circumstances will allow an event to take place.

Alongside financial support, the team at Scottish Book Trust can be on hand with help and advice for planning and promoting your session.

If your organisation has existing Live Literature funding, please consider using this for remote events rather than applying for new funds.

You will hear our decision within two weeks of the next panel meeting – dates are listed below.

Why apply?

Key dates

Panels will take place throughout 2021, each with their own deadline.

Please note that authors can claim a full fee of £175 directly from Scottish Book Trust at the commissioning or booking stage, regardless of the event date or release date for content. We encourage successful organisations to commission authors as soon as possible.

Who can apply?

Not-for-profit organisations in every part of Scotland can apply for support to host events or projects with authors.

You can apply for funding if:

We welcome applications from ASN settings and schools supporting vulnerable children and the children of key workers. Organisations can apply more than once, regardless of previous outcomes, provided that they are not already waiting for a Live Literature funding decision.

Please note that as funding is limited, a maximum of five sessions can be requested in a single application. The panel will only award the maximum five sessions if they feel the request is justified by an application.

How to apply

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The purpose of Live Literature is to inspire communities to read and write for pleasure. This is the reason Live Literature funding exists, so please make sure you address it directly in your application.

The application form will be available throughout the year, but decisions will only be made at the scheduled panel meetings.

The panel carefully read and consider all applications. Where appropriate, the panel gives feedback along with the award decision.

What are the panel looking for in your application?

Imagination: We like to support interesting, imaginative sessions which show a commitment to the promotion and enjoyment of reading and writing.

Your local authority area: We aim to support events and projects that reach as wide a range of people as possible and events are spread throughout every local authority in Scotland.

Indication of need: In order to ensure that funding has the greatest impact, we want to know why it's needed and who your events will engage. For instance, is there a financial need for this kind of support? Are you targeting audiences who aren't ordinarily reached by your work? Is your event aimed at a specific need in your area?

Clear outcomes: We want to support sessions that have a clear and demonstrable benefit. We want to know how many people will benefit from the events and how. We also like to know how the session fits in with any other activity you're planning and whether it will have a legacy.

Your history of funding: We welcome applications from organisations that have previously been supported by Live Literature funding. The panel will take into account how you have used Live Literature funding in the past when making their decision.

What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed by a panel, which meets every two months. We'll send you the result of your application within two weeks of the panel meeting.

The panel carefully read and consider all applications but due to timescales and remote working pressures, will not be able to offer individual feedback.

Get in touch

For all enquiries, or if you need to make an application in a different way due to access reasons, please email live.literature@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window) (this will open in a new window).