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Too many children in Scotland do not have books at home. Books bring families together, comfort children and inspire joy.

Mog the cat surrounded by leaves with text that says 'Callum has never shared a bedtime story with Mog'
'One refugee family were so delighted. They had nothing, but this has meant their boys had books' – Learning professional

In 2021, Scottish Book Trust surveyed education and early years practitioners. Their responses underlined the need for books at home, with over two thirds stating some children they work with only own books gifted to them by Scottish Book Trust. Over 90% of respondents also stated that some pupils had lost reading skill and vocabulary due to lockdown.

Books help families bond, bring joy and comfort, give children a sense of escapism and, importantly, improve their mental health and wellbeing. In 2021, our research revealed that 85% of parents from Scotland's most deprived areas said that reading helps them bond with their child and that reading makes their children happy, while 95% of parents from all areas in Scotland said they think it is important for children to own their own books.

'Books always make a difference, they calm him down when he gets frustrated and he likes to think he can read, holding the book so I could see the story too' – Parent

As the cost-of-living crisis escalates, more children and families will go without, and they need our support. That's why we are undertaking a fundraising campaign to ensure everyone in Scotland has equal access to books.

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All funds raised will enable Scottish Book Trust to deliver more life-changing work. In addition to the funding we receive from the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland, we need the support of trusts and foundations, corporate sponsors and individuals. Every donation will make a difference to children and adults in Scotland. Here's what your support can do:

You understand the huge difference having books makes to children every day in so many ways. Will you donate today and give the life-changing magic of books to a child like Callum?

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