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Song type: Actions, Active, Finger play, Tickling
Language: Gaelic
Genre: Animals
Age group: 0-2, 3-5
Audience: Baby, Children, Pre-school, Toddler
Topics: Bookbug, Gaelic

How to use this song with babies

How to use this song with toddlers

How to use this song with 3-5 year olds

Damhan-Allaidh lyrics

Damhan-allaidh, damhan-allaidh (Spider, spider)

Beag agus dubh, beag agus dubh (Small and black, small and black,)

Càit a bheil thu a’ fuireach? x2 (Where do you live?)

Air do cheann, air do cheann! (On your head)

 … Air do shròin, air do shròin! (On your nose)

 … Air do bhrù, air do bhrù! (On your tummy)