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‘Ille Bhig

Song type: Calm
Language: Gaelic
Age group: 0-2, 3-5
Audience: Baby, Children, Pre-school, Toddler
Topics: Bookbug, Gaelic

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How to use this song with toddlers

How to use this song with 3 to 5-year olds

Song and rhyme words

Ille bhig gun togainn, thogainn, (Little boy, I’ll lift, lift)

Ille bhig gun togainn thu, (Little boy, I’ll lift you,)

'S ged a chùm thu mi bhom obair, (Even if you’re a distraction from work)

Ille bhig gun togainn thu. (Little boy, I’ll lift you,)

Sèist (Chorus)

Hai thogainn, hai leagainn,

Hai thogainn ha i ù,

Hai thogainn, hai leagainn,

Thogainn is gun togainn thu.

Tog an gille beag dhan adhar, (Lift the little boy up in the air,)

Mìle rionnag ann a' tàmh, (Where a thousand stars abide,)

Tulg e dhoimhneachd na mara, (Rock him to the depths of the ocean,)

Far bheil iasgan beaga snàmh. (Where little fishes dwell.)

Bidh do mhàthair uairean sàraicht', (Your mother is sometimes tired)

Tulgadh suas 's a' tulgadh sìos, (Rocking you up and down,)

Deòir is doilgheas do mhàthar, (Your mother’s joyful tears,)

Ille bhig, cha d' thuig thu riamh. (You’ll never understand.)

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