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Bookbug Week 2021 – Bookbug’s Big Splash!

Bookbug Week runs from Monday 17 May – Sunday 23 May

Join us for Bookbug Week 2021! We’ll be celebrating everything water-based from seaside books, fishy books, drop-them-in-the-bath-books, to things we like doing outdoors (splashing in puddles is Bookbug’s favourite!)

We have a jam-packed week in store for you. There will be competitions, activities, and giveaways galore, and lots of things you can join in with either at home or in your early years setting.

To keep everyone safe, all our events will be online:

Lots of local areas have some brilliant events planned too, so please check with your Bookbug Co-ordinator(this will open in a new window) to see what they have in store.

Watch this space for more info and how to sign up, we’ll be updating it very soon.

In the meantime if you have any questions please contact emma.dunn@scottishbooktrust.com