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Twitch with M.G. Leonard and RSPB

Grab your notebook and binoculars and head outdoors this Easter after watching M.G. Leonard's inspiring virtual author event as part of RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch!


M.G. Leonard is a keen amateur birdwatcher and award-winning author. Her 2021 book, Twitch, is a thrilling adventure exploring friendship, the genius and beauty of birds, and the endless rewards of having a relationship with nature. In this event, she will take you on a journey of birding discovery, sharing tips on how to spot birds where you live and perhaps even inspiring you to get up super early and listen to the dawn chorus – she will definitely get you to take The Twitcher's Oath!

Also joining us for this special event is Alyssa Parker from RSPB, who tells us everything there is to know about birds you can find in your garden or playground and how your child's school can take part in the Wild Challenge Award Scheme.

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Scottish Friendly Assurance

Scottish Friendly Assurance has been sponsoring the tour for over 20 years(this will open in a new window). Through its support, The Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour reaches an average of 6,000 children every year in a vast range of communities, from rural schools with as few as 8 pupils to 2,000 seat theatres.

Scottish Friendly Assurance is a progressive and modern financial services group, which has been around for over 150 years. It provides investors and families with a wide range of financial products.

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