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Reading is Caring evaluation

'It was just so amazing to find something that actually gave Mum some comfort and joy for a period as well.' – Family Care Partner

The pilot of our Reading is Caring programme first launched in 2019. Reading is Caring is a programme supporting people living with dementia and those who care for them (professional carers and family care partners) through shared reading workshops. 

This independent evaluation of the 2022/23 programme examines Reading is Caring's impact on people living with dementia and those who care for them, reflects on delivery and discusses possible future developments. 

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Key conclusions

Reading is Caring has resulted in positive (and often striking) benefits for people living with dementia across: 

Family care partners were overwhelmingly positive about their experience with Reading is Caring, reporting that the programme provides: 

The programme developed new skills and knowledge for family care partners across four core areas: 

Professional care partners also reported high levels of satisfaction with Reading is Caring, reporting benefits such as: 

The findings indicate that the critical success factors across all three groups include: 

Our 2022/23 evaluation executive summary was converted from an accessible word document to protect the content of our external examiner. If you require the information in an alternative format, please contact [email protected](this link will open in a new window).