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Read, Write, Count evaluation

An evaluation of the Read, Write, Count programme.

Little boy reading in a library

To assess the impact of the Read, Write, Count gift bags, training and resources, Scottish Book Trust undertook evaluations of the programme from 2017–2021. These evaluations take in the views of learning professionals, parents and carers.

You can download the most recent reports summarising the findings of evaluations below.

Overall the evaluations show that Read, Write, Count successfully supports families to read, write and count together for fun, especially for those families where the need is greatest. We asked parents and carers for their views on the bags and found that:

  • 97% read the books with their child
  • 77% used the numeracy items with their child
  • 77% said pupils were more enthusiastic about books and reading since receiving the bags
  • 79% said the bags made them more confident engaging with their child's learning