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Watch now: Supporting children’s early speech & language development

Learning type: Professional learning
Category: Talking and listening
Programme: Bookbug
Age group: 0-2, 3-5

In this webinar recording Speech & Language Therapist and Early Years Trainer, Roz Coe, takes you through the basics of how communication develops in babies and young children and how you can support emerging speech & language with songs, rhymes and stories. This webinar is for anyone working with early years children and their families.

Video Watch now: Supporting children’s early speech & language development

This webinar was recorded on 2 June 2021.

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Journal article

If you’d like to explore some of the topics discussed in more detail, the following article may be of interest:

Mitsuhiko, O., Davies-Jenkins, N., Skarabela, B. (2018) ‘Why Choo‐Choo Is Better Than Train: The Role of Register‐Specific Words in Early Vocabulary Growth(this will open in a new window)’. Cognitive Science Vol 42 Issue 6.

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