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Top Scots tips from Scots Book o the Year 2021 winner Graeme Armstrong

Graeme Armstrong, one of the incredible writers who appeared at StoryCon 2022 and Scots Book o the Year 2021 winner, shares his insight into writing in Scots in this on-demand video


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About Graeme

Graeme Armstrong is a Scottish writer from Airdrie. His teenage years were spent within North Lanarkshire's gang culture. Alongside overcoming his own struggles with drug addiction, alcohol abuse and violence, he defied expectation to read English as an undergraduate at the University of Stirling; where, after graduating with honours, he returned to study a Masters' in Creative Writing.

He regularly volunteers within the community visiting prisons and schools, giving talks on his experiences of gang-culture and substance abuse. He promotes a message of anti-violence and abstinence-based recovery. His bestselling debut novel, The Young Team(this link will open in a new window), is inspired by his experiences, and was published by Picador in March 2020. It won a Betty Trask Award, a Somerset Maugham Award, and the Scots Book o the Year 2021. In 2021, Graeme presented Scotland: The Rave(this link will open in a new window), a documentary screened by the BBC that explored Scotland's rave and PCDJ culture.

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