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First Minister's Reading Challenge evaluation

Evaluation of the First Minister's Reading Challenge

The First Minister's Reading Challenge is a national initiative helping schools, public libraries and community groups to encourage young people to develop a lifelong love of reading. Schools that take part have access to resources, training and funding opportunities, and can submit an entry for one of our annual national awards.

To assess the impact of the First Minister's Reading Challenge Scottish Book Trust has commissioned independent evaluations every year since the programme began, taking in the views of learning professionals, pupils, parents and carers.

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Despite the school year being disrupted by lockdown, evaluation showed that many schools adapted their approach to continue delivering the Reading Challenge. See our infographic for a breakdown of some of the key findings.

Case study: Blackwood Primary Rainbow Warriors Literary Group

During the lockdown from March to June 2020, P2 pupils at Blackwood primary school took part in a story writing project. The project was initiated by two parents who developed the idea as a way of keeping their children and families connected during the lockdown.

Pupils in P2 developed a story about a boy who pressed a rainbow and went on a journey to magical places. Each pupil wrote or illustrated a part of the character’s journey, detailing what he did and where he travelled. Each section of the story was added to a shared Facebook group, so pupils could follow the progress of their character.

The school was delighted with the proposal for the story writing project. The principal teacher noted that the Reading Challenge is now embedded into school activity and recognised by parents as a valuable element of the curriculum.

'This project not only encouraged and highlighted the gifted and creative talents of our children but it also connected families, a school and a community during a very challenging time'