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Gifting the 2024 Bookbug Explorer Bag

Get little ones ready to explore with Bookbug!

Contents of the Bookbug Explorer Bag 2024 spread out on a cushion

The Bookbug Explorer Bag provides an ideal opportunity to build links between your setting and the family home.

Every 3-year-old child in Scotland receives a free Bookbug Explorer Bag. It includes books and materials to encourage families to read, sing and play with their children.

A note on the bags:

Ideas and activities

Early years staff say they notice a difference in children’s excitement and engagement if children are familiar with the books and know they will receive their own copies.

You could:

For activity ideas specific to each book, download the Bookbug Explorer Bag learning resource below.

For more information about gifting the bags, please download the Explorer Gifting Guidance.

The PDF resources were designed to be printed. If you require a digitally accessible version, please download the Word documents.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Bookbug Explorer Bag homepage