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Early years webinars

Join us for a series of exciting early years webinars with leading experts.

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Upcoming webinars 2024

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On demand webinars

Dr Barbora Skarabela – Why Language Matters in the Early Years

Dr Barbora Skarabela, expert in early language development, presents how language affects literacy development and its impact on health and wellbeing in later life. She will share her findings about the quality and quantity of language in early years, the importance of infant directed speech, and how we can diversify language using storytelling, songs and rhymes.

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Joss Peach and Ellie Wyatt – How Music Tells a Story

Bafta winning Joss Peach and Ellie Wyatt discuss their extensive careers as children's music composers and the importance of music for young children. They will look at the many ways we can engage with children through music and sound such as creative singing with children, encouraging children to create rhymes, connecting with a playful relationship to sound and listening without visuals.

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Professor Sam Wass – Reading, Rhythms and Routines

Professor Sam Wass presents the neuroscience of why child-led interactions help develop concentration more than adult-led interactions, and discusses how to integrate these ideas into a child-led reading practice with babies and young toddlers. He also looks at why babies’ brains find it easier to process predictable and regular rhythms, and why poetry and nursery rhymes help children learn language.

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Scottish Book Trust's Early Years Trainers – Songs to Support Routines

Join our early years trainers and musicians as they share some brand new song content and a collection of picture books to support your routines in a fun way. Sharing songs and rhymes is a very effective way of supporting children's growth and development, and establishing routines for children. We'll recommend some picture books and song books that can help families establish and support routines in their home and share original songs and rhymes that have been especially created for routines and ways to adapt familiar songs and rhymes to make them work for you.

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Dr Suzanne Zeedyk – Mitigating the long-term impacts of the pandemic by boosting laughter

Join us for an insightful and edgy conversation with the indomitable Suzanne Zeedyk. Evidence that the pandemic has affected young children's development just keeps emerging. What happened in children's lives that could have caused this impact, and what can we do now to help?

Suzanne will explore how changes in the daily rhythms of children's relationships will have altered their biology. Children will have encountered more loss, anxiety and confusion than we adults have perhaps appreciated. If we are brave enough to adopt this lens, we will be better placed to understand why play, conversation and laughter are now key to children's recovery.

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