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The impact of Scotland's libraries

Scottish Book Trust is undertaking independent research into the value and impact of public and school libraries in Scotland

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Scotland's school libraries have no national mandate for adequate library provision. Scotland's public libraries, though they do face a national mandate for adequate library provision, have no enforced standard for what that must offer. As a result, across the public and school library sector, Scotland's communities face a lack of equitable access.

Scottish Book Trust is undertaking an independent research project, led by our Research and Evaluation Manager Éadaoín Lynch, to report on the value and impact of our public and school libraries – and showcase how they are intrinsic to removing inequity across many intersections of Scottish life.

We work across every local authority, striving to offer an opportunity for all people to tell their stories; as such, we are uniquely positioned to bear witness.

Methods include:

This hub serves as a platform to share findings and resources throughout the research project. Key findings and reporting will be published here at the close.

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If you're interested, why not begin with reading our research article on Why libraries are important?

Or, if you're a librarian or a library user, and you'd like to take part in this research, please feel free to contact the Research and Evaluation team at research@scottishbooktrust.com(this link will open in a new window).