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Using stories and songs to support nursery to primary transition

Learning type: Case study, Classroom activity
Category: Reading culture
Programme: Bookbug, First Ministers Reading Challenge
Language: English
Genre: Family, Literature
Age group: 3-5

This resource is for any practitioner supporting the nursery to Primary 1 transition. This resource will provide ideas, activities and examples of projects that can be used to support transition during this challenging time. The resource is split into three areas:

Bookbug transition session

We have created a Bookbug session themed around the transition from nursery to Primary 1 which is available to watch here(this will open in a new window). A template to run this session can be downloaded below. You can share the recording with the families of your new Primary 1 pupils to watch over the summer, and then watch again in class over the first few weeks, or try delivering the session yourself to provide a familiar activity for all the children.