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About Skint!

Skint! is a graphic novel and learning resources for facilitated groups of 16- to 26-year-olds.

Skint! was developed by Scottish Book Trust in partnership with the Scottish Government to explore issues around money management and responsibility.

The book consists of two illustrated storylines, Carly’s story and Jamie’s story, which have been created to engage reluctant readers and focus on realistic financial circumstances.

Using these resources

Skint! can be read as a group, one to one or used in a variety of role-play scenarios.

There are ‘jump-off points’ throughout the book, indicating opportunities for discussion about a particular aspect of the book’s story, or its wider themes. For each jump-off point there is a corresponding learning resource with the same name, where you will find downloadable activity sheets, sample discussion questions and ideas for further work.

The endings are intentionally ambiguous to give readers a choice of conclusions. This enables learner-centred education and encourages readers to increase their literacy skills and creativity further.

The stories and support notes are relevant to young people, particularly those who find themselves socially or financially excluded, but also those at important transition points in their lives such as leaving school or college, leaving care, starting a job or having a baby.

Skint! is most effective if used in existing support programmes, and as a starting point for discussions and other activities that will promote aspects of financial capability such as making ends meet, keeping track of finances, planning ahead, choosing financial products and staying informed about financial matters.

BBC radio broadcast

This is a BBC radio broadcast with some young people from Ayr about their involvement with the Skint! project.

This feature about Skint! was originally broadcast on the 'Sunday Morning With Ricky Ross' programme on BBC Radio Scotland. The interviewer, Bob Dickson, spoke to young people in Saltcoats, Ayr about their views of money management and their involvement in the project.