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Great LGBTQ+ books for teens

Genre: Identity, LGBTQ+
Age group: 15-18
Topics: LGBTQ+

These LGBTQ+ books for teens include everything from stories of self-acceptance to queer history. Perfect for LGBTQ+ History Month, Pride Month or any other time of the year!

Helene Boppert Rachel Plummer Wain

A stunning retelling of classic Scottish myths, beautifully illustrated by Helene Boppert. This collection of poems will immerse readers in a diverse and inclusive vision of contemporary life. You are sure to become captivated by this enchanting read.

Sophie Gonzales Only Mostly Devastated

This is a laugh-out-loud and enchanting LGBTQ+ retelling of the musical Grease. Tackling complex issues of peer pressure, identity and sexuality sensitively and with heart, Only Mostly Devastated is a must-read for any rom-com fan!

Juno Dawson Proud

Brilliant, inclusive, hilarious, heart breaking—this short story anthology from LGBTQ+ authors is full of fantastic reads to dip in and out of.

Gabby Rivera Juliet Takes a Breath

A brilliant exploration of queerness, race and feminism. After coming out to her religious Puerto Rican family, Juliet moves from the Bronx to Portland for an internship with an iconic white feminist and a summer of self-discovery. This book is a great way to learn more about identity politics and intersectionality.

Jules Scheele Meg-John Barker Queer: A Graphic History

We love the clever combination of illustration and information in this graphic novel, which explores the histories of queer thought and theory. This is an engaging and illuminating read.

Mason Deaver I Wish You All The Best

Featuring a non-binary main character, this book tackles themes such as coming out, family, friendship and romance with compassion and heart. The novel is a shining example of how hope can triumph in the face of adversity.

Meg Grehan The Deepest Breath

Written in narrative verse, the moving story of a young girl exploring her own emotions and identity. Stevie is too shy to ask for help, so seeks help and refuge in the library. Surely, the answer must be in a book? A coming of age story, this book explores themes of anxiety, family, relationships and being true to yourself.

Helen Li Jake Hall Jasjyot Singh Hans Sofie Birkin The Art of Drag

This lusciously illustrated book will take you on a journey of drag from the ancient theatre to the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race. The Art of Drag is an enthralling and eye-opening read for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the history of this beloved art form.

David Levithan 19 Love Songs

Born from Levithan's tradition of writing a story for his friends each Valentine's Day, 19 Love Songs intertwines these stories with fiction, non-fiction and poetry to create this beautiful collection. This book explores love in all its forms, and there is sure to be a story here to touch the heart of every reader.

Akwaeke Emezi Pet

A thrilling dystopian novel for today’s generation with a transgender protagonist. Jam inadvertently brings a painting to life. Its aim is to hunt down monsters living in the ideal, perfect city of Lucille. But is all as it seems? Emezi asks difficult questions about what choices a young person can make when the adults around them are in denial.

Arabelle Sicardi Sarah Tanat-Jones Queer Heroes: Meet 53 LGBTQ Heroes From Past and Present!

This book is a beautiful and bold celebration of queer heroes from throughout history—from the ancient Greek poet, Sappho, to Manvendra Singh Gohil, the first openly gay prince. We love the gorgeous full-colour portraits and diverse selection of role models.

Billy Merrell Vanilla

Told in narrative verse, this book perfectly explores the challenges of relationships. Vanilla and Hunter are growing apart and finding different friends and interests as they each begin to spread their wings. They can see the cracks in their relationship and are realising that falling in love is hard, but staying in love is even harder. This is a moving and emotive read- one that you will be unable to put down.

Meredith Russo Birthday

Birthday is a touching and simply told story about the relationship between two best friends, bonded from being born on the same day. At its core, this tale of friendship is about growing up, growing apart, and struggling to be the person you know you are.

Camryn Garrett Full Disclosure

The novel tells the story of Simone Garcia-Hampton, a queer black teen born HIV-positive. Simone is forced to navigate a world of fear, discrimination and ignorance that surrounds her inherited disease. Full Disclosure is entertaining, empathetic and laugh-out-loud funny!

Sarah Prager Zoe More O'Ferrall Queer, There and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World

This gem of a book is a great starting point for learning about LGBTQ+ history and the queer rights movement. Queer, There and Everywhere platforms 23 incredible LGBTQ+ individuals who have shaped world history.

Harry Cook Fin & Rye & Fireflies

After Fin's parents catch him kissing a boy, they decide to move away for a fresh start. While this book reveals the harmful impact of homophobia, transphobia and conversion therapy, it ultimately makes for a feel-good read about friendship and self-acceptance.

Leah Johnson You Should See Me in a Crown

When Liz Lighty runs for prom queen to win a scholarship for her dream college, she struggles to decide whether to change to fit in with the rich, white high school royalty or to proudly stand out and be the first awkward, queer, black girl to win the crown. This is a brilliantly clever rom-com about self-love and determination.

Alice Oseman Loveless

A funny and emotional coming of age tale featuring an asexual/aromantic protagonist coming to terms with her sexuality. The story feels very genuine and authentic, and showcases how beautiful and magical platonic relationships can be. Loveless is by the same author of the much-loved graphic novel series, Heartstopper.

Becky Albertalli Leah on the Offbeat

The much-anticipated sequel to Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda, Leah on the Off Beat follows Simon’s best friend Leah as she navigates the choppy waters of being bisexual in high school. This book explores self-love and the highs and lows of learning to accept yourself.

Juno Dawson This Book is Gay

This book is an essential read and excellent starting point for everyone curious about being LGBTQ+. Juno Dawson nails the balance of humour and seriousness when covering a range of topics, from sex and politics to coming out and everything in between.

Jandy Nelson I'll Give You The Sun

I’ll Give You The Sun is a vivid exploration of a young boy coming to terms with his sexuality while grieving for his mother. Jandy Nelson’s book beautifully and sensitively depicts first love and first loss against the dramatic backdrop of Northern California’s coast.

Crystal Frasier Val Wise Cheer Up!

This graphic novel is a beautifully uplifting story of two teenage girls competing together on their high school cheerleading squad. Cheer Up! tells a really interesting story about the challenges trans youths face today, even those who have support. The sweet, gentle romance is adorable, and the dialogue sparkles with humour.