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'Scan your bookshelf for forgotten treasure': discovering your next read

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Scottish Book Trust set out to discover what impact the lockdown was having on readers in Scotland.

Last updated: 21 February 2022

We recruited a panel of people living in Scotland to complete regular surveys about their experiences of reading between March and August 2020. The full report, Reading in Scotland: Reading over lockdown(this link will open in a new window) is available to read now.

With bookshops and libraries closed our panel could not browse, borrow or purchase books in the same ways as usual. Whilst some struggled at first, the panel developed new ways of discovering books and overall they read more widely than usual during lockdown.

Throughout the project, the panel told us how much they missed browsing in their local bookshop or library and the majority each week were reading something from their 'to read' pile:

With browsing still limited, if you've reached the back of your bookcase or the bottom of your 'to read' pile, there are lots of other ways you can discover new reads:

Each week our panel shared reading tips for us to pass on to the other panel members. Over the course of the study panellists had lots of ideas for finding new reads: