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Cradle to Grave

Author: Bee Parkinson - Cameron
Year: Future

From cradle to grave they said they cared,
They assured us that they were prepared,
That they would always provide,
And never deride.

The first thing they took was our sight,
The problem was bigger, a larger plight.
Then they took our tongue, our speech,
Aint life just a peach?

Promises were made and broke,
On the wheel, we are just another spoke.
They claimed they would invest,
Instead, they began to divest.

Sincerity is no longer a reliable currency,
The state is apparently a case of emergency!
Yet we the people are now the warmly enlightened,
No longer cowering in the dark of lies, proud not frightened.

You feed us falsehood after falsehood and call it truth,
Every word from your forked tongue is wrong, you are uncouth.
Yet despite this our voices will rise, we will rise,
And force-feed you your own pernicious lies.