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Author: Macmillan Macmillan
Year: Future

I have pulled those heavy earth tides far too long, tired of the to and fro.
Your aurora warned with trails that scratched your sky, felt the glittered litter spun in space.
All that debris is still raining down as you left those footprints and a flag rag, here.

Hung around, I listened to tempting song waves from other places far beyond.
Slid behind a backdrop map of captured moons, grasping planets, a dying sun and some flying stars.
Visit me, comet-of-the-tilted-way, speak your secret news in signals as you pass.

In time, when this bond is gone and frees my tidal pull, I will slowly go where I may.
I will have no affinity left for this wasted, tattered world. You were my only other, then.
Over there, heard your squabbling, squawking signal sounds, I need a slew of spin and some space.

Too tired now, of tasks to light your nights, magic a trick eclipse, or peer at new-born stars.
You have become a gaudy bauble, blocked and smudged, you even forgot my pure, cold, mirrored light.
I will unfurl your tide and ties to let you go, so traverse Blue Earth, and you will be in my memory.