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Birthday Wishes

Author: Lindsay Craik

In the car from the children’s home, Cloe sat silently. Everything was new and felt good. The lady, Frances, was kind and did not react to the swearing like others did. The man, Andy, had a nice face. She liked that.

The house was small, but very clean and tidy. In the corner of the room was a table with lots of presents.

'Who the feck are all these for?' said Cloe.

Frances smiled and said, 'They’re all for you, if you promise me one thing?'

'What,' said little Cloe.

'You can have them if you stop swearing,' said Frances.

'You sure?' said Cloe looking from Frances to Andy and back again.

'Absolutely,' said Frances.

'What?' said Cloe.

'Yes, but only if you stop,' said Frances.

'I will,' said Cloe. She rushed to unwrap the presents.

When finished she sat on Frances’s lap and cuddled into her. Andy looked on. Cloe noticed him looking. She dropped to the floor and went over to him, giving him a hug.

'Mr Evans,' said Cloe. 'Do I have to go back now?'

'No, you now stay here, with the two of us,' said Andy smiling.

'Feckin’ great,' said Cloe going to her toys.