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Previous Awardees: Scots Language Publication Grant

The Scots Language Publication Grant supports Scots publishers and encourages Scots writers

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Funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Scottish Book Trust, the Scots Language Publication Grant was created by the Scots Language Resource Network to support Scots publishers and to encourage Scots writers.

We are delighted to announce the first successful round of projects to be supported by the Scots Language Publication Grant.

Daisy on the Outer Line - Cranachan

By Ross Sayers

Daisy on the Outer Line is a contemporary YA fiction novel. When selfish student Daisy trashes her stepdad’s funeral, she gets blind drunk and wakes up on the Glasgow underground to find she has travelled back in time. To make amends for her behaviour, she must save a life – but she doesn’t know who, how, or where to begin. She’ll have to find out fast if she wants to make it back to her old life and avoid being trapped in the wrong timeline forever.

'Ross’s writing is often described as ‘hilarious’, ‘accessible’, and ‘relatable’ with readers commenting that his books depict their own home-life today, or when they were growing up in Scotland, illustrating that reading and writing in Scots is not only valid, but important.' – Cranachan

Deep Wheel Orcadia – Stewed Rhubarb

By Harry Josephine Giles

Deep Wheel Orcadia is an Orkney Scots verse novel by Harry Josephine Giles. It reimagines Orkney as a far-flung space station whose inhabitants harvest light, the scene of an intergalactic romance, and the seed of a potentially apocalyptic time paradox. Deep Wheel Orcadiawill be the first book-length work to be published entirely in Orkney Scots since the 1950s.

'I'm thrilled to have such strong support behind my work in Deep Wheel Orcadia. It's a critical moment for Scots in general, as for the Orkney language, and we need more strange, ambitious and diverse ways of doing Scots for the language to thrive. I'm excited to be part of that!' - Harry Josephine Giles

Doors Tae Naewye – Luath Press Ltd.

By Christie Williamson

The second collection of poems, mostly in Shetlandic Scots by one of Shetland’s finest poets, Christie Williamson.

'Writin in Shaetlan is mair a fact o life fur me is ony kind o choice, as is da inevitable consequence o haein centuries o naval ordnance trained agin you as da dominance o sumeen iddir's dialect is ensured.  Tae hae dis support fur a publication at's necessarily med up o wark in mi ain linguistic heritage doesna cheenge hit's lack o a navy, but hit certainly makks hit feel a hale lock less isolated, an a wirld mair hoopful fur hit's future.” - Christie Williamson

Modren Makars 1 - Tapsalteerie

By Irene Howat, Finola Scott and Ann MacKinnon

Tapsalteerie Modren Makars will be an annual series of publications showcasing the best in contemporary Scots poetry. Each volume is to contain work by three poets. The series will give an introduction to Scots language poetry for the general reader while standing as an authoritative survey of the contemporary Scots poetry landscape.

'Tapsalteerie couldn’t be more delighted to receive this award. It allows us to make the step up from producing Scots poetry pamphlets to book-length collections, something we might not have managed otherwise, and gives us a great opportunity to bring the work of three great Scots poets to a wider audience.' - Tapsalteerie

The Complete Works of William Soutar: Volume 1 - Poetry – Tippermuir Books Ltd.

Editors: Professor Kirsteen McCue and Dr Paul S. Philippou

The Collected Poetry of William Soutar will include all Soutar’s published and unpublished poems, alongside a modern evaluation/assessment. Soutar wrote in Scots and English, for children and adults.

'There is a compelling case for the complete works of a national poet of the standing of William Soutar to be in print and for his work to be evaluated for the modern era. Tippermuir is elated to receive this grant so as to ensure that this will happen and that Soutar’s Collected Poetry will be available to future generations; and is delighted to be part of an initiative to promote Scots language writing.' – Tippermuir Books

The Itchy Coo Book of Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales – Black & White Publishing

Translations by Matthew Fitt and James Robertson

"We at Itchy Coo are concerned that books in Scots are still too often perceived as being ‘one-offs’ or novelty publications. To counter this we want to build a small Scots library of classic children’s literature that can sit comfortably and permanently on any bookshelf. With this in view, we have identified this as the first book in this library, to be followed by Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Aesop’s Fables and others." - Itchy Coo

'It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to translate these brilliant fairy tales, and to bring them to a new Scots readership. The stories are universal, but Scots language gives them a whole new dimension which readers will love.' – Matthew Fitt and James Robertson

The Last Berry – Curly Tale Books Ltd.

By Susi Briggs, Illustrated by Ruthie Redden

The Last Berry is the second book by Susi Briggs and Ruthie Redden and the story, again, involves the character Nip Nebs – Scots for Jack Frost. This time Susi uses Scots to tell the tale of Nip Nebs being woken by the sound of birds arguing over the last holly berry on the tree. He encourages the birds to share the berry but will they take his advice?

'To be awarded grant funding for Nip Nebs and the Last Berry is validation for the work Ruthie Redden, Curly Tale Books and I have already done for Scots language. We are absolutely delighted and excited for the future of the genre.' – Susi Briggs

Wheen: New and Selected Poems in Scots – Chapman Publishing

By Stuart A. Paterson (edited by Joy Hendry)

The poems themselves, and the poet as performer, will demonstrate both the potency and versatility of the language and its unique ability to inspire both the human heart – and the head. They will move and stimulate the listener – and engage the most critical of readers.

'I am absolutely delighted: personal recognition apart, this grant demonstrates a real public awareness of the importance of Scots Language to the whole community of Scotland – and beyond.' – Stuart A. Paterson

Wilson’s Ornithology: Burds in Scots – Scotland Street Press

By Hamish MacDonald, Illustrated by Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson pioneered the science of ornithological writing and illustration, becoming an inspiration for most of the ornithological works which followed. This new book celebrates his artwork by reproducing his illustrations alongside new poems in Scots, looking at the habits, habitats, and characteristics of birds, some possibly by their Scots names as Wilson may have known them.

'We are delighted to receive support towards the publication of a book that will look stunning and colourful and will be a lively and enlightening read.' – Scotland Street Press

About the Scots Language Publication Grant

The Scots Language Publication Grant is administrated by The Scots Language Resource Network, which meets twice a year to discuss the coordination and publication of new and existing resources (online and in print) that support speakers, readers, writers, teachers, learners and students of Scots. It currently includes representatives from the following organisations:

The publication grant is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Scottish Book Trust.