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New Writer 2022: Lindsay Hirst

Children's and YA

By seven years old, Lindsay knew that she wanted to be a teacher, and by the time she was nine, she knew that she wanted to write children's books. Originally from Perth, she went on to study Psychology and Philosophy at Edinburgh University and then, a few years later, completed a Postgraduate Degree in Primary Education at Dundee University.

During the decade that Lindsay worked in the Early Years, she discovered the importance of using picture books to guide and support children's learning – from developing core literacy skills to encouraging creativity and promoting social and emotional awareness. This work re-ignited her passion for writing, and she's been creating picture books ever since.

Lindsay writes books in both verse and prose, from heartfelt to humorous. She is particularly drawn to traditional tales and enjoys re-imagining these familiar stories in fun and unique ways.

In 2021, Lindsay was shortlisted in the Write Mentor Children's Novel and Picture Book Awards, and she also graduated from the Golden Egg Academy Picture Book Programme. She is represented by Lucy Irvine at Peters Fraser and Dunlop.

Writing Sample

Mr Wolf was grumpy.
He HATED being tame.
Being good was really dull,
he missed his 'Big Bad' name.

But ever since that naughty day
he'd gobbled Granny Hood,
the woodcutter had made him choose:
"Wolf pie? Or being good?"

"If only I could chase some pigs
or gobble up a child.
I miss my young and happy days
when I was mean and wild."

So, Mr Wolf devised a plan
to have a little fun.
"I'll play a trick this very night
and frighten EVERYONE!"

As darkness fell, he tiptoed out,
as quiet as a mouse.
Down the hill and round the pond,
towards the three pigs' house.

Now, Mr Wolf was not a fool,
they'd tricked him once before.
The chimney was too dark and hot –
this time he'd use the door.

"BOO!" he growled ferociously,
"You'd better run and hide!"
But when he looked around the room…
no piggies were inside!

Feeling cross, he journeyed on,
towards the deep dark wood.
The next upon his list to scare
was young Red Riding Hood.

He crept towards the red roofed house
and snarled a toothy grin.
Then CRASHED and BASHED in through her door…
but nobody was in!

By now the Wolf was furious.
Why was no-one there?
His clever plan was not much use
with nobody to scare.

"Perhaps she's at her granny's place?"
he thought, then laughed with glee.
"To scare them both would be such fun!
I'll sneak across and see."

Lindsay says:

'I feel extremely proud to be selected as an Awardee by The Scottish Book Trust. As a teacher, I've witnessed the exceptional work they do in promoting and developing early literacy skills, and it's a great honour to be offered their support.'