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Hercules the Bear

Author: Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath, Paul Bristow and Norrie Millar

Video Hercules the Bear by Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath

Seven panel comic. Comic panel one shows a bear on a hillside with toilet roll around him. The caption reads "Hercules, a grizzly bear, was filming an advert for toilet paper in Benbecula in 1980... when he decided to go on the run! Comic panel two shows three terrified people watching Hercules eat an ice cream. The caption reads "People were worried that the escaped bear might try to eat them. Comic panel three shows soldiers following paw prints and Hercules peeking out from his hiding place. The caption reads "The army and navy were brought into search... following the pawprint trails Hercules was leaving behind in the woods." Comic panel four shows Hercules in a silly moustache and disguise with his hands up, caught in a spotlight. The caption reads "He was found in North Uist three weeks later." Comic panel five shows Hercules dressed up in a disco outfit and dancing under a disco ball. The caption says "But he had all sorts of fun and adventures in those three weeks..." Comic panel six shows Hercules on a sun lounger sipping a cold drink. His folding actor's chair is empty beside him. The caption reads "He was finally captured safely and continued to work in films and TV." Comic panel seven shows two children beside a statue of a bear. The caption reads "There is now a huge sculpture of the amazing bear Hercules at Langass Woods."
Adaptation by Paul Bristow and Norrie Millar