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A Faimlie Tint

Author: Iain Forde
Year: Adventure

Ae Hogmanay A gaed missin alang wi ma faimlie, ma dug an ma baudron. We wes mintin ti gaen ti fess in the N’eir wi freins in Diabaig at is in Wester Ross. We leived in Embro an set aff i the mornin. In thur days it tuik aw day ti gang norlins sae it wes dirk afoir we cam ti the heich bit o the rodd abune Loch Morar. Hit wes rennin sair.The kerr stertit ti skyte about the rodd, sae a stapped an pit ma haun on the grun. The renn wes jeillin on the taur an makkin a shete o eiss. Nou, the rodd wes singil traik an verra narra, Hit wes alse gey stey aw the wey doun ti the loch an gif we hed stertit ti skyte aff the rodd we wuid hae rowed doun the brae ablo an thon wuid bein the enn o uz. Sae we tirned bak.

Nou we kent at jeillin renn aften menit snaw ti follae. Thusgates the Slochd summitie suth o Inverness micht git blokkit an we wuid be stak in thon toun. We cuidna be shuir o finndin a ottil at wuid tak a dug an a baudron at Hogmanay, sae we thocht it wyce ti wun owre Slochd whaur we wuid be sauf frae the snaw. As we gaed by Achnasheen we sein a fonn buith bot we thocht it wyce no ti tyne tyme an didna baither fonnin wir freins. Eftir a bit, we wun owre Slochd an doun bi Speysyde. We hed nou wes anhungert an wes stertin ti git laich on peter-uill. Bot whan we wun ti Carr Brig the anerlie eldrin stance hed nae peter-uill sae we crowled on til Aviemore whaur the stance wes steikit up bot the wes a puggie machine at gied ye eldrin gif ye inpit a fyver. We hed anerlie ane an pit it in gey releiffit.

Help ma bob, the puggie wuidna tak a Scotch fyver, anerlie ane Inglish nott. Ye maun imaigine the wes a bit sweirin efter thon, bot we juist hed ti cairrie on, gaun verra slaw ti hain wir peter-uill. The tyme passit an ivverrie mament we expekkit the ingyne ti stap. Than the poliss kythit. Thai didna lyk this kerr crowlin alang, pang-fou o fowk in the wie smaw ours sae thai garred uz stap fur rale. Eftir thai hard wir sairrie narraution thai proponed at we caw doun ti the poliss-statioun at Kingussie whaur thai wuid gie uz a Inglish fyver fur wir rejekkit Scotch ane an we wull cuid coff eldrin at Newtonmore. This wes whitlik we duin, forleitin at the wuidna be eneuch peter-uill ti wun ti Embro. Than we hed a braw idaia. We wuid gang ti a but an ben at we skaired wi anither faimlie, at liggit nor o Pitlochry.

A kent ma freins wes sauf in Embro an A aye tuik the chak in ma pouch whan A gaed aroun an about. Sae we tirned aff the main rodd an heidit fur the but an ben at wes heich on the hul abune a ferm in a wie glen owre by Loch Tummel. Whyles it wes no possibil ti wun up the brae kiz o the snaw bot we howped at the traik wuid be clair. We wun ti the ferm awricht bot it wes nou that weill throu the nicht at the fowk wes in bed. Sae we laed the kerr an stairtit ti sclim the traik up ti the but an ben. We hed skaired out aw the fuid atwein uz, the dug waukit an wir auldess laddie tuik the baudrons in hiz anorak. Bot whan wi tirned the peth uplins we fand hit wes bot twa furrs o eiss whaur the tractour bene cawin up ti mait the ewes. Ma laddie wes the erest ti skyte owre an he cowped an rowed atap o the baudrons at stak aw hiz cluiks intil’m.

Eftir a bit we wun up ti the but an ben an lichtit the lowes. The wesna onie lectra pouer ye ken, ir rinnin wattir ir a lavvie bot hit wes cosie eneuch. Ma guid wyfe med uz a het sipper an we gaed ti bed. We wesna up aire i the morn an we thocht ti caw wir freins in Wester Ross. Nou the but an ben hed a fonn at hed bein inpit lang syne whan ane auld leddie hed bad thare ti mak siccar shae wes awricht an we hauddit ontilt fur the lik raison. Bot hit wesna verra siccar an didna aye wirk gif the’r wes sair renn ir snaw. This wes sicna kess. Sae nou we hed ti gang doun ti the ferm an we suidna be shuir at thai wuid be at hame, fur whyles thai wuid gang out first fuitin, furby mibbies thair fonn wesna wirkin aither. Thusgates we cuid aither trauchle doun ti the ferm ir we cuid ettil ti gang hame myndin at the eldrin-statioun at Pitlochry michtna be apen an we wuid be stak on the rodd agane. We concludit ti byde whaur we wes, fur we hed a fouth o mait an the but an ben wes nou waarm an sauf.

Bot wir freins in Wester Ross hed cawed ma guid wyfe’s faither in Embro speirin eftir uz. He traivelt roun til wi houss an fand we wesna hame. Ma guid wyfe’s faither bein in the airmie in Indiae an he wesna the kinna wicht at gaed intil a panshine wi nane nede. He thocht we wuid tirn up, an the neist day we duin juist sicna thing. Fur twa days ma faimlie wes tint. Hit mibbies bene differand, fur in the eirs afoir this we hed wir fair skair or memmers o wir faimlie be-in tint fur guid ae wey ir the tither. Bot thon is anither mair sair storie.