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Watch now: Rosie Jones on The Amazing Edie Eckhart

The Inclusive Stories Festival is part of Scottish Book Trust's Sensory Storytelling programme, funded by The Mohn Westlake Foundation


This video will be available to watch on demand for those registered until Friday 18 February.

Watch Rosie share what inspired her to write the uplifting and unique story of The Amazing Edie Eckhart. Rosie shares an exclusive reading from the book and a fun writing activity to help pupils to start writing. You'll hear about Edie's experience starting secondary school and navigating the perils of the first term – Edie has Cerebral palsy and is thrown straight into school life as she auditions for the lead role in the school play. This event will inspire children to write their own stories from their experiences.

After the event, if you want to share your characters or writing inspired by Rosie's video(this link will open in a new window), please send them to us on Twitter using #InclusiveStories and @ScottishBkTrust. We'd love to see what your pupils create!

Preparing to watch

This event is suitable for children aged 8+. The video was filmed inside and has a dark background Subtitles are available for pupils with hearing impairments. Rosie Jones has Cerebral palsy, which she introduces in the video and talks about her experience.

We recommend watching this event before sharing it with pupils so you can check its suitability and prepare any additional resources you might need in advance. Some ideas are listed below.

Preparing Makaton or other symbol resources

You might like to prepare symbol resources or Makaton signs to support pupils to engage with Rosie's event. Some key themes from the event are: