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My Life as a Reader

We want to hear the story of how you became a reader for our new campaign, #MyLifeAsAReader

Whether you've always loved reading or fell in love with it later in life, whether you've read all the classics or prefer crime, graphic novels, or non-fiction, whether your house is overflowing with books or you make regular trips to your local library, we want to hear how you live your life as a reader.

My Life as a Reader is a new, ongoing project from Scottish Book Trust to celebrate the wide variety of kinds of reader across Scotland. We want to inspire everyone to be a reader, by showcasing reading experiences from all kinds of people, featured as a spotlight on our Instagram account.


Our research shows that there are a range of benefits to being a reader, including support for health and wellbeing, the building of empathy, the development of social connections and, of course, the sheer joy and entertainment that we find from getting lost in a good book!

However, research points to a limited understanding of what a 'reader' is, and what represents 'quality' material (Spread the Word 2020(this link will open in a new window)). My Life as a Reader seeks to widen this understanding and encourage more people to pick up any kind of reading material which they truly enjoy to experience the benefits of reading for pleasure.

You can also read some useful tips about how to start reading here(this link will open in a new window)!

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We know that over half (56%) of people who do not currently read would definitely or probably like to read in the future (RSL 2017(this link will open in a new window)). It's our hope that this project displays a variety of experiences that encourage people to read, and show them that reading is for everyone.

Scottish Book Trust will be including contributions from some recognisable faces, but are also encouraging members of the public to take part!

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If you want to share your story about how you started as a reader, and what kinds of material you read now, email our Research team(this link will open in a new window) with:

We also have some prompts below if you need a place to start off.

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